MarionDundeeHillside Kennels is the home away from home for your dog or cat. We have been in operation for 55 years and have been grooming for 15. Our staff collectively have 60 years experience and are more than capable of taking care of your pet.

In order to make our home away from home as homely as can be, your own blankets, bedding, toys and feed are not a problem, even fresh meat (we do however ask for this to be in small bags for us to freeze).

All dogs must be fully vaccinated for boarding and kennels cough must be done two weeks prior to entry. All cats must be fully vaccinated within the last year. We also recommend spot on flea treatment before entry. Proof of vaccination must be shown.

For more information on our Kennels, Grooming Parlour or Cattery please check the relevant page.

Information on finding and contacting us can be found on the Contact page.

Marion Dundee currently owns the Kennels and has done for the last 11 years. She has competed in dog shows to a champion level in Europe for 12 years and came 2nd in the All Ireland Scissoring Competition. You can find out more about her and her dogs at her website